Process Solutions Local Services

Entrag Process Solutions Division, Local Services Offered


1-      Services On Project Phase:


  • System Design & engineering; DCS Configuration and Programming, Functional Design specification, System Assembly & implementation, FAT (Factory acceptance test)
  • Project Management.
  • Installation, Commissioning and Start-up.


2-    Customer Service Support  (Life Cycle Care)


Based on Emerson’s Operational service support program called “Guardian” Entrag support customers in Egypt with this innovative and advanced technology that includes:

Direct technical telephone support with Emerson Process Management`s Product experts.

(Customer engineers can call for direct technical assistance should a problem occur. This is based on the 24 hours/ 7 days support)

  • Remote diagnostic support including remote access software and a modem

(Technical Support can dial into Customer`s system to view the problem and assist in a swift rectification)

  • Automatic Delta V software updates on CD-ROM.

(The Customer will receive the latest software updates when they are released. This is a very important function to ensure the Customer always has the latest operational software available)

  • Occasional Hardware upgrade offers.

(This is important when the customer feels his system needs to grow and look to the future)

  • Access to technical information via the Internet.

(Using Guardian support, the customer has direct access to the Emerson web site which shows new technology or indeed helps you understand your existing system and how to upgrade)

  • Site Services.

(Heath check visits, Audit Trail, Inspection visit and Emergency service)